The Project

What is ILEC?

ILEC is a two-year research project co-funded by the European Commission’s DG Justice, Citizenship and Fundamental Rights which aims to fill the knowledge gap concerning the rules and administrative procedures applicable to loss of nationality across the Union, and their relation to existing European and international legal standards. Based on an in-depth comparative inventory of the regulations, administrative practices and statistical data concerning involuntary loss of nationality across the 27 EU member states plus Croatia, the project will generate new knowledge on the effects of the increasing judicialisation of the grounds of loss of Union citizenship over national legal systems.

Project objectives

ILEC’s key objectives are:

  • To monitor case law from European & national courts on involuntary loss of nationality in the EU, and the implications stemming from landmark European Courts rulings on Union citizenship & human rights
  • To develop a comparative inventory and analysis of the regulations & administrative practices on involuntary loss of nationality in the EU
  • To establish the first statistical database on loss of nationality in the EU
  • To identify ‘promising practices’ across the Union in light of existing standards and offer common guidelines and recommendations to facilitate cooperation between competent national authorities
  • To devise a comprehensive collection of legal & policy standards laid down in European & international instruments and case law on the deprivation of nationality